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Welcome, Enjoy your visit!

Immortal Tyrants came to being out of merger of Immortals and Tyrants, both communities of long standing with some members
active since Beta. We welcome fellow long-lived tyrannical beings, be they returnees, casual players and raiders for rifting & fun.
Sense of humour a distinct advantage, we are encouraging a familiar atmosphere valuing all our members.

We are a mature, casual raiding guild currently progressing through Nightmare Tide 10 & 20 player raids.
Interested in becoming an Immortal Tyrant?

Register and apply on our site or contact any of the Leaders or Officers in-game!

New Profile Posts

  1. Mae
    It has been so long... almost 4 years. Ive missed you guys so much, but my real life prevented me from being here. Hope you will forgive
  2. Multicast
  3. Cereated
    Cereated Mwrau
    Hi my friend how's things with you
  4. Skotty
    Skotty Moiran
    Hey :) I do not have access to resources and guides :( Help the Youngling / Member plz :)
  5. mermey
    hey guys! Barreal here.
  6. Fifi
    Fifi Nuie
    1. Nuie likes this.
  7. vikingmetal
  8. Tiuon
    Hey no sorry I dont use those sort of tools / programs any longer. Ask in the initial thread if anyone else does :)
  9. Thinktank
    Thinktank Tiuon
    Have you got Teamviewer? you can log-on / share my computer and see all settings
  10. MaximKundak
    I hate humans...
  11. Tessia
    I didn't do it.
  12. Nuie
    Is good to be back amongst friends!
  13. Nuie
    been here long before this :)
  14. Hazzlenut
    Hazzlenut rhyl
    Added you to friendslist. Im sure were gonna be in touch! :P
  15. Hazzlenut
    Hazzlenut rhyl
    heyyy! How are ya doing? Haven't seen you in a while! Everything okay there? o.o
  16. Xanaka
    Xanaka Moiran
    My pc is done. Can't raid today or Tomorrow.
    1. Moiran
      That sucks. Thanks for telling. Hope you get it back working, or even better, a new one !
      Sep 9, 2015
  17. Moiran
    Moiran jibbajabba
    Hey Jibba, everything ok? Haven't seem you in a while.
  18. Hazzlenut
    Hazzlenut Naela
    Hellooooooooooo. Where are youuuuuuuuuu! :D Hows the finger doing? :(
  19. Tibilind
    Tibilind Moiran
    Hi, wanted to ask whos the best healer around to poke their brains? :)
    1. Moiran
      Archellion for clerics, or FGK our uber cleric
      Jul 26, 2015
  20. Arch
    Arch Forest
    Come play some more rift you lazy arse!
    Dont make me come find you!

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    2. Forest
      I managed to clip my anaconda full of slaves the other day whilst watching a stream and blew up :(
      I lost around 8 million in cargo and 8 million in insurance, so I started to play diablo 3 for a while lol
      May 13, 2015