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Welcome, Enjoy your visit!

Immortal Tyrants came to being out of merger of Immortals and Tyrants, both communities of long standing with some members
active since Beta. We welcome fellow long-lived tyrannical beings, be they returnees, casual players and raiders for rifting & fun.
Sense of humour a distinct advantage, we are encouraging a familiar atmosphere valuing all our members.

We are a mature, casual raiding guild currently progressing through Nightmare Tide 10 & 20 player raids.
Interested in becoming an Immortal Tyrant?

Register and apply on our site or contact any of the Leaders or Officers in-game!

Raid Planner - Register & Use

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  1. Moiran

    Moiran Cat Herder & Guild Witch Staff Member Officer

    Raid Planner
    Once approved, Raiders will need to register for the raid planner.
    This is a stand-alone application, so a quick registration is required.

    Click on Raid Sign-Up on the Main Nav Bar.
    You will be greeted with this screen:


    Don't worry, all you need to do is register!
    Once you have registered, set up a profile for your character:
    Raid Planner Profile.PNG

    Raid Planner Profile2.PNG

    Enter 65 for level and some random numbers for stats. Click on Add Character and now you are all set up to sign up for raids!

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