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Rift 4.0 Starfalll Prophesy - Info, Rumors & Specualtion

Discussion in 'Rift News (public)' started by Moiran, Aug 10, 2016.

  1. Moiran

    Moiran Cat Herder & Guild Witch Staff Member Officer

    A spot to gather info, spread rumors :P and general info

    As everybody is probably aware, SFP has been officially announced!
    It is buy to play - the different editions are here

    Obviously, there is a lot of discussion about this change of policy. At least they are listening to some thing people have to say, as posted by Ocho on 8/8/2016:

    • The option to purchase Earring Slots and Planewalker: Water for Voidstones has returned. Both can be purchased for 50,000 Voidstones each.
    • The time limit to purchase the RIFT: Essentials Edition has been removed. It can be found in the RIFT Store under the DLC category.
  2. Maccabre

    Maccabre Chatterbox Guild Member

    Nothing changed.. expansion has Always been a purchase.
    earing slots are considerd old content now so its a pretty logic step for them to make it acceseble

    I think ppl confuse content like Planes of water, PTW, as an "expansion" also but free! :O
    Its just new content they release on a regular basis like they have Always done.
    Its one of the reasons also why i started playing rift :P

    Last expansion was Storm Legion incase ppl wonder
  3. Knosher

    Knosher Staff Staff Member Officer

    Original Post from Reddit

    To try to keep all details in one place, I'm going to go ahead and sticky this thread. I'll be editing it to include any/all information that's posted within the next day or so.

    Tomorrow will be an official Rift Livestream that should be officially announcing it.

    Official Trion
    Starfall Prophecy Screenshots
    Starfall Prophecy Trailers
    Notable Details about Starfall Prophecy
    • 70 is the new level cap
    • Five new zones
      • Two zones will be based on Plane of Life and Two will be based on Plane of Fire
    • [Two] New dungeons
    • New raid (post-launch)
    • Looking for raid being added
    • "Personal loot" system that tweaks loot drops to ensure you'll receive loot for your character's class
    • Legenday Abilities
      • Based off the mastery concept, you spend a Legendary point on any ability to make it "Legendary"
    • Fortress Sieges, a new type of battle that take place in the open world and that Trion claims "increase in complexity and size, spanning from solo battles, to groups, to even raids."
    • Planar Fragments
    • "Plus everyone who purchases the expansion gets Opie the artifact harvesting squirrel mount"
    Pre-order packages
    • Starfall Prophecy Standard Edition - $39.99
      • Instant Level 65 Boost
      • Starlord/Starlady Title
      • Daily Starfall Prophecy Tokens. Trade for a 40-slot bag, new Opie mount, and more. Access to Starfall Prophecy content across all characters on your account. Reach level 70, unlock legendary abilities, explore 5 massive new zones, defeat 2 deadly dungeons, and more!
    • Starfall Prophecy Deluxe Edition - $59.99
      • Everything in the Digital Standard Edition PLUS:
      • Etheral Drake Mount (preview)
      • Asha Catari's Raiment (preview)
      • Ring of Ahnket Portrait (preview)
    Even More for Those Who Preorder! Those who preorder, Starfall Prophecy has a very special surprise in store! Earn a Starfall Prophecy token every day you log in to RIFT, from the moment you preorder until Starfall Prophecy launches. Visit the Maguk Representative in Tempest Bay to spend them for a variety of rewards!

    • Log in for 15 days to obtain the Tenebrean Mystery Box. Its contents are unknown, but the mystery draws the curious from near and far!
    • Log in for 20 days to earn the Sack of Infinite Void. While this special bag can’t quite hold an infinite number of items, with 40 slots of capacity it will certainly expand your carrying capacity in a big way!
    • With 50 days logged on, you’ll be able to take home the ultimate reward, Opie the Artifact-Hunting Squirrel mount! Not only does Opie's unique appearance attest to his unique ability to hunt down Artifacts, but you can leap to previously unattainable heights, and grab Artifacts from the ground without ever dismounting.
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  4. Moiran

    Moiran Cat Herder & Guild Witch Staff Member Officer

    Nice compilation :)
  5. Xirxe

    Xirxe Busy Bee Guild Member

    What Trion is doing is quite interesting now.

    They changed from a subscription model to f2p and now to b2p.
    Question remains who is gonna play the game, since all f2p players are locked out from endgame then or is it possible to buy the expansion with REX?

    I guess the remaining players would rather see a subscription model again.
  6. Oneil

    Oneil Dreamest Guild Member

    Probably would be possible to buy the expansion with REX, however, the last time I played the price of REX was higher than what a F2P player can hold, so... We'll live to see.
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  7. Xirxe

    Xirxe Busy Bee Guild Member

    As it looks you cant buy the expansion with REX atm, maybe after a few weeks or months into the expansion. By that time all f2p gamers are gone. According to Trion only 15% of the players invested money into the game since it went f2p. That means at best only 15% are willing to buy the expansion.
    I wonder how many will do it, since unlike GW2 with their b2p model, in Rift you still have to invest in Patron and Cash Shop which are essential for not having a complete grind of a game.
  8. Dealara

    Dealara Busy Bee Community Member

    What I have seen so far is that quite many player has bought the expansion allready and numbers are going up all the time.
    And quite many people has that mount from deluxe edition too.

    True is that you can not buy the expansion by rex but it's giftable item so players can buy it with plat from other players.
    It's good that there is some criticism about things but usually it comes from people who are no longer playing the game.

    And YES I did buy the Deluxe edition but that is because I did wan't it and I'm willing to pay my hobbies what ever they are.
  9. Moiran

    Moiran Cat Herder & Guild Witch Staff Member Officer

    Some info from last night's stream about fortress sieges:

    They take place in an area in Xarth Mire, the zone previewed last night.
    The consist of 3 rings, the first and outer ring like open world bosses, can be handled by everybody.
    The second ring has a difficulty like 5 man (expert) content, still open world I think.
    The third ring is instanced for 10 player groups if I picked that up correctly.

    No info on rewards was given, that will come in a later stream.

    Sounds certainly interesting, so far I like the concept.

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